Harold Steinhardt / Doctor Note Studio Policy

Private lessons are taught year round on a weekly recurring schedule. Average billing allows your monthly tuition to remain the same each month regardless of the actual number of scheduled lessons in any one month. Dates the studio is closed are taken into account in your average billing and are configured to assure everyone has the same number of scheduled lessons. New students may begin at any time during a month with the 1st payment being prorated.

Please understand that when you are placed on the schedule, that time slot is reserved for your use. Therefore, students must pay the full monthly tuition regardless of attendance.

Make-up lesson times are dependent on another time being available. Often these times are only available due to another student needing to cancel a lesson. We are always happy to share with you any open times, but during the school year it may not be possible to find one; as a result, make-up lessons cannot be guaranteed. To help this process work, you must to give the studio advanced notice of your cancellation to make your regular time available as a make-up time for others. You can do so by logging into your online account or by calling the studio. Please use our WebScheduler to schedule your make-up lesson. No credits or refunds are given for missed lessons.

The nature of summertime is more flexible, and we should be able to help you if some creative scheduling is needed.

If the teacher must cancel a scheduled lesson, it will be made up as close to the regular lesson time as possible.

Thirty days notice is required should you decide to discontinue lessons.

* Monthly Tuition:
30 minute lessons - $105.00
45 minute lessons - $157.50
60 minute lessons - $210.00

Individual lessons - $30 per 1/2 hour

As students progress, the amount of material we try to cover increases. Advancing students can benefit from and are encouraged to consider longer lessons.

* The monthly tuition is charged to a pre-authorized credit or debit card. Charges are processed on the first day of each month and covers all scheduled lessons for that month.

The following schedule is tentative and subject to change.


Winter Break
December 22nd (2019) - January 5th (2020)

Spring Break
March 16th - March 22nd

Memorial Day
May 25th

Summer Break
July 1st - July 7th

Labor Day
September 7th

Thanksgiving Break
November 25th - November 29th

Winter Break
December 22nd (2020) - January 3rd (2021)

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